Universal Winter Heated Car Seat Cover Warm Heating Cushion

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USB Powered Graphene Heating Cushion


1. Made of soft and high-quality materials, the heating seat cushion has long life, non-slip fabric on the bottom of the heating pad, no easy to slide

2. Three-speed temperature adjustable, graphene heating chip can rapid heating in 5-15 seconds, multiple temperature adjustable use. Compared with traditional electric heating, safer and faster.

3. Intelligent temperature control, when the temperature reaches a certain temperature, the power is automatically adjusted to keep the temperature constant in a certain safe range.

4. The USB interface is easy to use. The interface is wear-resistant and durable, with built-in overvoltage and short circuit protection modules. After power on, long press the button to turn on the heating, each short press to adjust the heating temperature. Disconnect power to turn off. Easy to control.


Name: Multifunctional 5V Graphene electric heating cushion

Fabric: Dutch velvet non-slip fabric

Power mode: USB

Rated voltage: 5V/2A

Rated power: 10W

Input interface: Type C

Mode: three-speed temperature adjustment

Size: 42*42cm

Color: Black Gray Maroon Brown

Packing Included: 1 X Multifunctional 5V Electric Heating Cushion & 1 X USB to Type-c power wire

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